Barbers recommend a maintenance routine for most trendy men’s haircuts. Some men prefer a wash-and-go style while others take a little more time making sure every hair is in place before heading out the door. Either way, a great haircut is essential. By maintaining the style between cuts, men can save money and keep themselves looking neat and put together. These tips help keep a cut looking great in between visits to the stylist.

-Scalp care

Hair, in itself, is not a living part of the body and has no regenerative properties. There is no blood flow or cell activity. Only the follicles can be kept healthy, resulting in healthier-looking hair. Washing daily with a mild shampoo keeps the follicles clear of debris and reduces greasy buildup. Many men prefer hot showers, but washing and rinsing with lukewarm water is a better choice. Hot water strips the hair of healthy essential oils. Not only does regular washing keep the scalp free of an excess buildup of styling products and oils, but it also stimulates the circulation. You may find more information at  beauty

-Regular maintenance

The longer a style, the less often it needs a barbers’ touch, but even longer cuts need regular attention to maintain a good shape and style. As hair grows, the ends can become split and worn. Regular attention from the barbers’ scissors keeps the dead ends from creating a frizzy look and spoiling the clean, smooth look of the style.

-Avoiding harsh chemicals

Straighteners, home coloring kits, and permanent formulas to add curls are all damaging. If a straighter or curlier style, or a new color, are desired, allow an experienced stylist to apply the products to minimize the damage. Frequent applications can strip the surface. Once damaged, the only way to repair the damage is to allow the hair to grow out, replacing the stripped shafts with new growth. Conditioners and hot oil treatments can restore some of the shine, but whenever possible, it’s best to avoid harsh treatments.

-Use the right tools

By using the least-harsh brush or comb possible, men can avoid breakage. A wide-tooth comb or brush is the best option for most styles. Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so wait until it dries before gently removing tangles. Always pat, and never rub dry with a towel, and avoid using a hairdryer.

-Loosen the hatband

Hats may protect from the sun, the wind, and other harsh elements, but if the band is too tight, it may constrict circulation to the scalp. Since the follicles need to be well irrigated with blood, it’s important to avoid cutting off the flow. A loose-fitting cap protects the hair without stopping the blood flow.

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