A new water activity is taking the world by storm. A sport that is accessible, leisurely and that opens up a world of activities for those who find most sports of aquatic action too difficult or demanding. It’s called Hoe he’e nalu in Hawaiian; or paddle boarding in English, stand up. Visit us for great deals in Paddle board rentals.

With its simplicity and teachable speed, this sport has become a popular alternative to some of the more conventional water sports. A novice can soon begin to get the hang of it, be able to navigate and control their movement and glide through the water within a relatively short stand up paddle boarding lesson. Furthermore, since strong waves are not a necessity to propel or navigate the craft, they can easily be adapted to many climates and geography, fueling its booming popularity.

The sport actually started out of the comfort of the Hawaiian shores. During the surf boom of the 60s, surf instructors and tourists needed a way to navigate the surf easily while watching their trainees, taking pictures of competitions, etc. As the practice grew more developed, this sport became a smooth method of shoreline travel. Over the past couple of years, races have popularized stand-up paddle boarding into an event of their own.

In the equipment used, the accessibility of stand up paddle boarding lies. The paddler simply stands vertically on the board with equipment consisting of a hollow formed board and a long paddle, and paddles itself along the water surface. The materials used to create the board (glass-reinforced concrete, wood, epoxy resin) allow for the balance and toughness that are missing in traditional surfboards. The paddle is long enough to make it easier to travel easily, although small enough to help manoeuvre. Boat equipment shops and facilities usually offer rentals to deliver the activity without the high initial expenditure.

As this activity continues to swell in popularity, events are occurring across the country and indeed around the world. Last year, the world’s first World Series stand-up paddle boarding was hosted in O’Ahu, crowning the reigning world champion professional water sports athlete, Kai Lenny. Boat accessory shops across the country are building their stock of rentals and equipment for paddle boards, as increasing numbers of people are inquiring about sport. You would currently be hard pressed to find a lake that DOESN’T offer stand-up paddle boarding lessons for interested students at competitive fees.

This new and exciting sport will keep on growing and becoming more popular. As such, the lessons remain a popular alternative for students with a variety of experiences. Check in at your local boating accessory or water sports shop to find out more and catch on to the popularity wave right now.

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