Related imageA good coffee service won’t require your staff to exert much effort on the coffee. They’ll provide all the little extras such as stirrers, creamers and sugar. They’ll also schedule regular stops to check on the supply of coffee and rotate out old packets that are past the shelf life. If you choose, the service will have cups, plates and other service available also. A value-based decision also needs to consider the type of equipment the coffee service uses, whether you pay rent, purchase or simply use the equipment and if you have to sign a contract for a specific length of time or amount of coffee. CorporateCoffeeSystems

See if the Coffee Service Has Popular Brands to Maximize the Value

If you get an inexpensive service that offers only no-name brand coffee, which can be quite iffy on flavor, you never know whether you, your staff or visitors will like the coffee. However, higher quality services offer popular coffee that may be well-known brands from coffee houses frequented by staff and visitors alike.

Consider the Type of Equipment

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Many companies rent their equipment, some even simply loan them to their customers. However, not everyone carries the best type of coffee brewer and the way you brew the coffee makes a difference in the flavor. An air-pot coffee maker keeps the coffee fresh and warm without getting the burnt taste that occurs if a pot sits on the warmer for a while.

A Quality Service Provides Extras

The service should also supply other items besides coffee, such as several selections of tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino or even spiced cider. They should also carry a few specialty items for those work-through lunches or late nights such as instant soup or microwave popcorn.

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