When you suffer an injury that was not your fault and you have lost considerable amounts of time and money because of it, it is wise to seek legal assistance to recoup some or all of your losses. Personal injury attorneys provide this particular service, often at a no win no fee rate.

A personal injury attorney specializes in cases involving negligence and damages. Often these cases are against a company or work place but can also involve individuals. For example, if a client falls at work due to a wet surface or a reckless driver causes an accident. Personal injury attorneys can begin proceedings much sooner and more efficiently than the victim, especially if the client is being treated medically, stopping them from being able to file any papers for their case.

The attorney is hired to retrieve all the facts to make a clear and detailed case against the cause of the injury. They will visit the site of the accident and gather witnesses and possible video footage to prove the event. These cases can often threaten to go to court which can retrieve the victim a much larger sum as companies and individuals would rather settle than go through a costly court procedure. Click Henn Haworth Cummings + Page for more info.

If the victim does not decide to take a settlement, the case will go forward to court where the opposing company or individual is proven to have been negligent. A price much higher than that of the actual costs can initially be demanded if the other party is proven negligent however this amount will not be granted if the victim is proven to be even 1% at fault for the accident. In this circumstance the settling amount is lowered. As the attorney is to be rewarded for winning the case, they are fully invested in proving this. Attorneys are known to ask for as much as 40% of the winning settlement amount.

These attorneys are also an advantage after court proceedings as they are able to control and regulate any payments being made to the victim, which ensures they are treated fairly after the case and in a way that was agreed in the settlement. They are able to take control of a situation where a person can be very vulnerable and make things work quickly in their favor as long as they are honest and have sufficient evidence to back up their claim.

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