The swivel sweeper is a cordless, lightweight floor and carpet cleaning brush which runs off a swivel sweeper battery that lasts for roughly 35 to 45 minutes, if charged correctly, and the motor which is powered by the battery is very quiet. There are 4 rotating brushes that all work together to give you the best cleaning power with minimum effort. The best thing about this swivel sweeper is that the head actually swivels 360 degrees so this allows you to get in, under and around your furniture easily without having to move and hump anything around. vacuum reviews

Using the swivel sweeper can be good fun as it only weighs an unbelievable 2 lbs compared to most house hold vacuum`s which are much heavier and a lot more awkward to move around the house.

It has an extended handle so you don`t have to bend over like most cordless vacuum`s and it also has sliders on the bottom of the sweeper instead of wheels so it really does float over hardwood and laminate surfaces with ease.

If you have crumbs, and any pet hair then the swivel sweeper will take care of these easily. One thing that can be a bit of a chore is cleaning the sweeper. Emptying the collection tray is easy and anyone can do it, its just a case of making sure the cleaning heads are free of any hair and dust before re-using it again. There is a specific cleaning tool that comes with the sweeper but its easier to do it by hand.

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