Rentech Designs grown to be a leading provider of residential and commercial furniture. We offer valuable, helpful services for people and business in transition. We rent the right furniture to furnish house or office with style. Rentech Designs has been renting furniture for years, our customer rely on us for quality services. Over the year, we have won our customer satisfaction and earned many customer recommendations. We aim to provide a fast, efficient, competitive and highly responsive service on every single job, large or small. Customer satisfaction and service excellence is the core of our business ethos.Here Event Furniture Rental Chicago

We rent everything needed for a comfortable residential and office environment. We’re ideally positioned to deliver the best in design, flexibility and value through our furniture rental solution.


Why pay a substantially larger amount to buy furniture when one can rent it? Furniture rental should cost a small fraction of the money to buy. In essence, one only required to pay for the use of the furniture for a short period of time versus acquiring ownership on a capital basis that is practical only for a long-term period of time. In simple language, anyone who need furniture for a period of time up to approximately two years in much better off in renting then buying. All of the furniture is available at once, and not slowly tricking in when purchased. One can select furniture in accordance with their needs and taste, and have full control of setting the budget.


1) Ease Cash Flow

Renting your office furniture eases budget limitations and cash flow as you won’t need to make large capital expenditures.

2) Increase Flexibility

Renting furniture gives you total flexibility. As your business grows and develops, you can efficiently change your furniture to meet your new needs. Fixed predictable payments allow company’s to budget – there’ll be no unexpected invoices with hiring.

3) Quality

All of our stocks are replaced regularly and are subject to strict quality control ensuring that you receive excellent quality every time you hire from us.

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